Friday, October 29, 2010

Our children are calling...

The inspiration for this blog came from my own children.  My one year old son was playing with my ipad, he quickly figured out how to move pages as well as get into the apps.  That very day I had dealt with numerous students at the high school that had "lost" their phones because of policy and teachers confiscating them.

 Why is education so slow to embrace new technology?  Why are teachers so hesitant to let student help us learn?

At the NSBA T & L Conference in Phoenix I saw a clip provided by Dr. Howie DiBlasi.  The clip; I need my teachers to learn, highlighted what I believe our children are saying. 

As an expert in mobile learning and 12 year veteran of the classroom I have decided to change the discussion from why, to creating logic and tutorials of how mobile devices and programs can be used in schools to better engage students. 

Any outside contributors of information will be greatly appreciated..

Our children are calling....