Monday, May 18, 2015

Episode 1-Technology Integration

Episode 1-Technology Integration

We are all busy but...

As the school year is winding down, I have been reminded of just how much educators care about their students.  #Wyoedchat, just passed its two year  anniversary a few months back. In that time, the conversation has encompassed more and more of Wyoming's educational leaders.

What this chat represents, is an unparalleled excitement for continual learning and growing as a group.  I would be remiss if I didn't point out a few examples of just how dedicated this group is.

#Wyoedchat takes place on Sundays at 8pm.  Educators take the time, out of the weekend, to  recharge their batteries and get fired up for the coming week.  They feed off of each others ideas and challenges. As a result, our students benefit.

As year two has rolled on, we have multiple teachers, administrators, students and parent groups not only joining in, but leading, or co-hosting chats.  This group isn't just about participating, its about leading from within.

A few specific examples that speak to this group representing all that is good about education:

The #wyoedchat Tweetup started in Casper at the Spring School Improvement conference.
 Lets first define a tweetup, this is simply a get face-to-face get together of people who either want to learn about how to do a an #edchat or who want to connect real people with the conversations they already have had.  This tweetup led to Park 6 hosting tweetups from their board room.
Each one had new teachers and administrators, taking time on their weekend to learn and share.  Next up was the Cheyenne teachers taking the reigns and hosing their own tweetup from the library of Anderson Elementary.  Each of these events has been small, educator organized chances to get together and learn and share with each other.

Often leaders lead with "do as i say not as I do" but I am proud to say the leader for the Wyoming Department of Education doesn't act that way.  Jillian Balow, the Superintendent of Education for the State of Wyoming, not only regularly attends and participates in #wyoedchat, she chose to attend a tweetup.  After what can only be described as a very busy week, (it included a quick trip to China to visit their schools, get back and give an address at the University of Wyoming commencement), Jillian still found time to tuck her kiddos in and attend a tweetup at Anderson Elementary in Cheyenne.

So what does this tell us about educators and leaders.  We are all busy but the great ones seem to find time, in many ways, to keep learning and growing.