Monday, June 16, 2014

ISTE Secrets

As I prepare for the next chapter of ISTE I can't help but think about the big three things I wish I would have known the first time I attended.

Number 1:  Everyone should have their twitter handle on their clothing.  It makes it easier to connect.  There are so many good conversations that you stumble upon or over hear and the ability to add those people to your network is the main reason for attending.  Options.  Sharpie on your name badge!  Hat with your handle on the back.  Or my Favorite...get your own twitter shirt made.

Number 2:  Talk to every person you sit next to.  From the flight to Atlanta, to sessions, to waiting to get a seat at restaurant, to the group getting ready to sing at the Edtech Karoke party...dont be bashful.  Find there story and share yours.  Than refer back to number one.

Number 3: Bring a two power strips.  One for the hotel room because they will not have enough outlets for all the devices.  Second one is all about making connections.  The person with power strips makes lots of friends.  This will again open more chances to connect with your fellow educators.  Its also a huge benefit to be able to keep your devices powered without worrying about not plugging in quick enough.

Simple advice to help us prepare for an awesome conference in Atlanta.  Hope to see lots of twitter handles and power strips everywhere.

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