Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lessons from my Dad

My dad has been gone for just over a year and on this Fathers day I hope to put into words what some of the lessons I think my dad taught me to help make me be a better person today.

My dad was a mechanic and the first thing he wanted me to know, was knowing what jobs you didn't enjoy would help you find a path down a good road quicker.   I learned quick that there were countless task, in any job, and where you focus your time and energy will impact how good of job you do.

My dad was all about humility.  Being good at something was easy but being the best was just out of reach.  Now to a teenager, this was tough because there were lots of time I thought I was the best and my dad was quick to point out a flaw in a shot or away someone else was ranked higher, but as an adult this is invaluable.  My dad wasn't trying to be a downer, he was helping me understand that being great at anything was a never ending process.  Be humble because there is always more work to do and more people to work with.

Blow of steam!  I remember countless times where the fish were not biting.  I distinctively remember arranging river rocks on the bank of the Yellowstone river to make a comfortable place to take a nap because i was soooo bored fishing with my dad.  Boy what I would give for one of those days back.  As time has gone on and my passion for fishing has developed...I get it!  This was and is a healthy way to get away and forget about the world for awhile.  Its not about the number of fish you catch, its more often about the people you are with and the world and scenery you see (that sometimes we forget to enjoy).

My dad, like all of us dads and teachers, learned along the way.  We must take the good lessons we have learned from our past and try to find a way to pass them on.  I am no expert but I am a better person, dad and teacher because of the time my dad shared with me.

Happy Fathers Day!

Thanks Dad!

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